Everyone’s busy. We get it! Life can be hectic trying to fit in going to the gym, working, maintaining friendships and family life, whilst somehow trying to find the time to watch the latest Netflix hit that everyone keeps trying to talk to you about.

With all this going on, who has time to fit in a complicated skincare regime?

Yet it seems everywhere we look, we are being inundated with advice to incorporate more and more steps into our skincare regime. Not just the Korean 10 step skincare routine, but also products such as mists, toners, placenta serums and egg balms (yes that is actually a thing!).

So does your skincare regime need to be this complex?


It is time to take a step back and work on simplifying our skincare routine to focus on the important components ie. creating a healthy skin barrier function, working on any individual skin concerns and (crucially!) wearing a sunscreen.

Ego Pharmaceuticals Scientific Communications and Clinical Trials Manager, Ian Harrison says, ‘When looking for a skincare routine, it is not necessary to follow a ten step routine. Using products like soaps can potentially damage our skin barrier, leading to dryness which can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne.

The ideal way to look after your skin is to keep your routine simple by using a soap-free cleanser to cleanse the skin, a moisturiser to help hydrate the skin and help it from drying out, and a high SPF sunscreen to help avoid UV damage.

When it comes to acne specifically, you can add an additional step to the above in the form of a treatment product containing an active such as azelaic acid.’

For the ultimate simple skincare regime, look for:

Glycerin in your soap free cleanser

Glycerin is a well-known ingredient that is beneficial in a cleanser as it is a humectant that plays a role in keeping the skin hydrated1. Washing daily with a product rich in glycerin helps to restore what moisture may be lost and helps to maintain skin hydration levels2, meaning the skin is left feeling clean and soft, not tight and dry.

Oil free, lightweight moisturisers

Particularly important for acne prone skin, avoid moisturisers that are not oil free or not non-comedogenic as they have the potential to block pores and exacerbate acne.


Up to 90% of visible ageing of the skin is due to UV exposure3. But more importantly, skin cancer & melanoma rates in Australia are amongst the highest in the world4. It is due to these reasons that it is a must to incorporate an SPF 30+ in your skincare regime every day.

Ingredients that help to support your skin’s barrier function

Look out for additional ingredients such as niacinamide which helps to improve the skin’s appearance5 and also helps visibly improve the texture and tone of the skin3. Another superstar ingredient is avena sativa oat extract that helps to soothe dry skin6.

The Azclear Action range helps cover all bases when it comes to simple skincare:

Cleanser - Azclear Action Foaming Wash

Moisturisers - Azclear Action Day Moisturiser & Azclear Action Soothing Gel

Treatment - Azclear Action Medicated Lotion

Now go and take a load off, by enjoying that Netflix hit instead of wasting your time on a complicated skincare routine!

You’re welcome.